Marketing is a big nut to crack. It is a term that covers all manner of effort, analysis, tracking and talk. We do some of it really well. We can help you navigate the waters of effective media placement and purchasing, plan how to most effectively use your resources (time, talent and the green stuff). We can help you clarify your intent, suss out your audience and plan your actions. We can also take some action on your behalf. Warning: We ask a lot of questions. A LOT.




Could you use a little support? Laura Coburn offers coaching by the hour either on an as-needed basis or over a specified period of weeks or months. Coaching is specific to your needs and based on your vision. Laura can assist you in clarifying goals and creating a plan for execution. Get started, stay on track, get results.

Types of coaching available:

Marketing – may include assessment of your current plan and efforts, creating a plan, introducing creative and innovative approaches, getting “un-stuck,” accountability check-ins, brainstorming sessions, lessons in current techniques and technologies, education on media buying and planning.

Design – may include art direction, critique, evaluation, education in design techniques, lessons in typography, software use, technology and trends.