Laura Coburn

By day she is a graphic designer. By night she is a yogi.

Laura refers to graphic design and yoga as the two different aspects of herself; however these don’t remain separate, instead, they combine to make one beautiful whole. Informed by the principles of yoga, she is not only highly conscious of herself and her actions, but also of other people and their needs. As the founder and overseer at Coburn Design, these principles allow her to nourish her staff, creating an atmosphere ideal for creativity and growth. As a result, her team is able to produce unique and optimal project outcomes. In addition to nurturing those around her, Laura excels at concept development, art direction, tourism design, editorial design, as well as marketing development and assessment. Oh, and has anyone noticed that this woman LOVES to talk? 

1992 - present :  founder, Coburn Design
1986 - 1992 : Creative Director, the Citizen Newspapers, Auburn, NY
education : BA in Graphic Arts, State University College at Buffalo (1985)

Laurie Walter

Laurie is the glue on the Post-it Notes, the spine of the novel. She is the staple in the packet and the rings in three-ringed binders. She is the…well, I think you get the point. As Project Manager here at Coburn Design, Laurie holds everything together. Due to Laurie’s information management skills and her attention to logistics, we love to call her our “left brain.” However, with her boundless forms of artistic expression, she has rendered our nickname flawed. In addition to her analytic mind, Laurie is a skilled musician, photographer, and greatly contributes to the conceptual work at Coburn Design. She is truly an invaluable member of our creative team. 

2010 - present : project manager, Coburn Design
2002 - 2010 : information manager, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
education : MLS in Library Science, Syracuse University (2002), BM in Music, Ithaca College (1999)

Guest Collaborators

Heather Richway

Heather spent the holidays at Coburn Design during her break from Wells College. She thought celebration lunches, nibbles on the conference table and cheerful music wafting through the second story Victorian hallway of the studio felt pretty darn special, so she decided to stay. She graces us with her presence when she can (she has a degree to finish, after all). Her job? Writing, editing and marketing Coburn Design. Oh, and laughing at Laura's mid-century quips . . .  "be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail."

Sierra Sellers

Sierra is a creative writer entering her senior year at Wells College. She is interning in the fall and will be contributing her fabulously quirky sense of humor to a myriad of projects we have cookin' on copious burners.

Margaret Sullivan

This yogi and marketing guru Is the first to  take up an apprenticeship in Marketing and Design at Coburn. Why would an accomplished and seasoned professional seek a late afternoon gig learning the ins and outs of a boutique design house? In her own words . . . "I want to be part of a creative, warm and welcoming powerhouse and bask in the vibe."