Focus, Focus, Focus

There are three key words when it comes to marketing. This is not about “key words” as in meta data, but you could say that these three “key” words will impact the rank of any message you create. When creating any message, brand, promotion, or call to action . . .focus, focus, focus.

We have all heard ad nauseum how cluttered our visual world has become. The statistics on how many images and messages we are bombarded with per day are staggering. If you hope to be seen or heard you must craft your message carefully and let be to the eyes what a class bell is to the ears of chattering teenagers in a crowded hall. Dare to be searingly clear and singular in your tone.

This means avoid the temporary comfort of being “all things to all people.” It’s not sustainable in your personal life and it doesn’t work in business either. If people don’t “get you” they can’t trust you. A great example of this occurs on countless web site home pages. Everything an organization is, ever was and hopes to be is crammed onto the home page, along with every offering, department, brand extension as well as upcoming event. This forces the reader to pick through a forest of messages with the machete of their mind, leaving them exhausted and frustrated. Or even worse, they’ll head to the nearest “clearing” where your competition stands with a refreshing glass of water that says “this is what I offer you and all you need to do is put your hand around this cup.”

But I want to appeal to EVERYONE you cry! To appeal to everyone you must dilute your message or bloat it. Either way, you run the very real risk of resonating with no one. If you had an arrow in your bow and you were taking aim, would you expect that arrow to land in more than one place? Dare to choose your target and draw your bow with the intention to hit one target. Your target will know your arrow is meant for them.